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Category: Heritage Trails

This trail tells the story of land and people and how the Industrial Revolution in the Upland South shaped both. Museums and historic sites reveal the stories of Cherokee settlements, European explorers, fur traders, miners, mill workers, railroaders, and farmers – the ordinary people who came to the Tennessee Overhill to live and work. The “Furs to Factories Trail” leads modern day explorers to the places where this story played out. Chronologically, the story begins with the fur trade, but feel free to start your tour at any point and visit the sites and topics of most interest to you.

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Trail Stops (Click on any item below to view or print details.)

1. Sequoyah Birthplace Museum

2. Fort Loudoun State Historic Area

3. Tellico Blockhouse

4. Charles Hall Museum

5. Coker Creek Welcome Center

6. Ducktown Basin Museum

7. Ocoee Whitewater Center

8. Nancy Ward Grave