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TN Valley Railroad

TN Valley Railroad

A Ride Through Time

Sit back and enjoy the scenery while aboard a full size train similar to what this country was built on. Trains hold an important spot in local history and you can experience it for yourself here.

TN Valley Railroad
9406 hwy 411
Delano, TN 37325
(423) 894-8028
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Passengers seem to step back in time when they ride restored vintage trains alongside the Hiwassee Scenic River, into the Hiwassee River Gorge, and over the famous Hiwassee Rail Loop. The trains run from April-November with a choice of a half-day round trip from Etowah to the Hiwassee Rail Loop or a day-long excursion from Etowah to Copperhill, with a layover for lunch and shopping which is the Copperhill Special. These are exciting train rides that appeal to both nature lovers and rail buffs.

Twenty miles of the railroad corridor is listed on the National Register of Historic Places due to the historical significance of the rail line and the fact that the corridor has retained so much of the original “look” that it had when the line was built in 1890. Because nearly 30 miles of the line runs through the Cherokee National Forest and into the remote Hiwassee River Gorge, Hiwassee River Rail Adventure also attracts people who like viewing scenery and wildlife.

Take a trip back in time to a slower-paced era when railroad travel was a way of life. Relive the romance of the rails when vintage trains provided an escape from the everyday routine. The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum provides an interactive, historical experience that adds an extra dimension to your visit to Chattanooga’s popular attractions. Here you will find the only regularly scheduled, full-sized train ride in Tennessee. The Tennessee Valley Railroad Museum is so much more than entertainment… It is your chance to experience the sights and sounds of yesteryear!

TVRM’s passenger trains run on the historic route, which includes Missionary Ridge Tunnel, completed in 1858 and on the National Register of Historic Places.  The tunnel is the primary reason TVRM runs on the 3-mile section of the former Southern Railway. As railroad equipment grew too large to pass through and the single-track tunnel became a traffic jam for an otherwise double-track railroad, Southern Railway abandoned the 3-mile portion of the line and built a new section around the end of Missionary Ridge, avoiding the tunnel altogether.

Today, TVRM preserves railroad equipment not only to preserve machines but to preserve an experience as well. In providing this historical experience, TVRM hopes to educate our visitors about the importance of this industry and how it helped create the modern world in which we live.


Enjoy a 50-mile round trip up the beautiful lower Hiwassee River gorge. This 3-1/2 hour trip will take you to the top of the famous “Hiwassee Loop” where the tracks cross over themselves as they corkscrew up the mountain near Farner, Tennessee.

  • Snack items are available for sale on the train including soft drinks, coffee, water, chips, crackers, and candy bars.
  • Souvenirs are sold onboard including t-shirts, caps, and books.
  • Restrooms are located on each train car.
  • Trains consist of enclosed, climate-controlled coaches pulled by a diesel locomotive.



A day-long train excursion from Etowah, Tennessee to the historic copper mining town of Copperhill. Trains run alongside the Hiwassee River, into the river gorge, over the famous Hiwassee Rail Loop and on to Copperhill for a mid-day layover for dining and shopping. Choose standard coach seating or reserve a space in one of the luxury dome cars.

  • Passengers of all ages are allowed
  • Snacks and drinks are sold on board
  • Observation dome cars available
  • Family pricing available


The Hiwassee Holiday Train is a round-trip one-hour and 15-minute ride along the beautiful Hiwassee River Gorge. Features of this ride include: writing a letter to Santa, a fresh-baked cookie, and Mrs. Claus’s favorite hot chocolate. Santa will not be on the train — but you will get to see him!

A keepsake boarding pass and holiday bell will be given to every passenger.

  • Passengers of all ages are allowed
  • Souvenir boarding pass will be provided
  • Cookies and hot chocolate are available
  • Train ride lasts around 1.5hrs.


What People Are Saying

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Road trip

Linda, NC.

This was a very beautiful drive. It had a lot of overlooks and the trees were very beautiful. We also rode over to Joyce Kilmer Forest. This was a very nice hike and was amazing to see all the older trees. I would advise to take a bathroom break before the trip across the mountain.

Unbelievable beauty

dbauman, TN

Incredible drive through the Cherokee National Forest. Lots of hiking, waterfalls and mountain streams. Areas of the skyway are rather curvy, so beware. Some like to speed through this area either in road rally’s or on motorcycle. Have seen several severe accidents. A MUST visit for all the beauty!

Gorgeous views

Mike, AL.

We were surprised at how beautiful this route is. Sadly, our trip was cut short from annual undergrowth burning. We will definitely come back this way.

Awesome road and view


Nice smooth road that’s a lot of fun with beautiful sights. There’s plenty of pull offs for photos and small hikes and it makes a really nice scenic drive.


Bruce, MS.

We were in town to view the fall foliage. We hit it just right. This drive is magnificent. Several viewing sights along the way. Take advantage of all if possible.

See For Yourself

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