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Ballplay-Telico Ramp Festival 2023

Ballplay-Telico Ramp Festival – Saturday, April 22 at the Tellico Plains Community Center building and grounds, located at 132 Bank Street in Tellico Plains. (10:00am to 4:00pm).

There will be a ramp meal and vendors.  bring the family and have a great time.  Admission to the festival and parking is free.  for more information call 423-295-2434

What are ramps? Taste-wise, they are sometimes described as a cross between green onions and garlic, with a very pungent aroma and flavor. They look a little like a leek, but have only one or two leaves, which are flat, broad and somewhat delicate. They have an extremely short growing season, and can only be found high in the mountains, usually on steep slopes. Individuals are allowed to pick small amounts for their own use, but a permit is required to pick ramps in larger quantities.