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Evolution of Colonial Firearms 1-22

Evolution of Colonial Firearms – Saturday, Jan. 22 at Fort Loudoun (2pm to 3:25pm).

During this presentation a Fort Loudoun Park Ranger will discuss and demonstrate the earliest black powder weapons.  This program will begin with the hand gonne, a weapon that resembles a gun barrel on a broom stick. This weapon saw service during the last years of knights in armor and would eventually replace the English Longbow.

The next weapon that will be discussed and fired is the matchlock (the musket with a burning rope attached).

The flintlock musket, like those weapons in use at Fort Loudoun during the 1750’s, will be the final type of weapon presented during this program.  Not only will the standard, .75 caliber musket be discussed and fired but also a massive, 70 pound, .94 caliber “Wall-Gun” will be used as the grand finale!

This program will be outside so please dress for January weather. Seating is unavailable; please bring your own folding chair.

Cost is $10, No refunds on cancellations.  423-420-2331