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Native American Heritage Day Hike

Native American Heritage Day Hike – Friday, Nov. 24 at the McGee-Carson Area (10:00 to 11:30).  423-420-2331

Long ago, before the creation of Tellico Lake there were the Overhill Towns.  The historic homeland of the Cherokee People, this valley has been occupied for tens of thousands of years.  They farmed, established cities, created art, and built monuments to their culture that remain today in the stories passed down through generations.
Hear some of these from Rangers on this special guided hike as we walk and talk about the history and archaeology of this area.

We will meet at the McGhee-Carson Area at 10:00 AM EST and take a short hike over flat terrain.  Please war appropriate shoes and clothing for the weather.

  • $0 / Person
  • $5 / Person & $5 Donation
  • $10 / Person & $10 Donation