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Spring Hike: Farming the Little Tennesse Valley

Spring Hike: Farming the Little Tennesse Valley – Saturday, March 18 at McGee-Carson Recreation Area (1:00pm to 3:00pm).

Springtime planting has long been a very important time for farmers along the old Little Tennessee River.  Join Ranger Gamble for an interpretive hike talking about the history of farming in the valley from the era of Cherokee communities, to large slave-worked plantations, to the days of German POW labor during World War II.
This hike will be approximately 2 miles long, classed as moderate in difficulty, and will last approximately an hour and a half.  We will meet at the McGhee-Carson Wildlife Management Area, please wear sturdy shoes and dress for the weather.                   423-420-2331

  • $0 / Person
  • $5 / Person and $5 Donation
  • $10 / Person and $10 Donation