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Tag: Mining

Copper mining took place in the Ducktown Basin (Copper Basin) from 1850 to 1987, with more than a dozen mines operating at one time. The Burra Burra Mine, located in Ducktown, Tennessee, operated from 1899 until 1959. Listed on the National Register of Historic Places, the site includes the Mine Office, Shops, Change House, Hoist House, and Powder House. The Ducktown Basin Museum is located on the grounds of the Burra Burra Mine. The museum interprets the history of the mining/smelting/chemical industries that operated in the Copper Basin as well as the environmental history of the area. Exhibits are housed in the Mine Superintendent’s Office and are open year round.



January – March
9:30am – 4pm

April – October
10am – 4:30pm

November – December
9:30am – 4pm

The Ducktown Basin Museum
212 Burra Burra Street
Ducktown, TN 37326